The Story Of Meanley And Son Ace Hardware Store

Meanley and Son, a family-owned Ace Hardware store in La Jolla, California, has been a staple of the community since it first opened its doors in 1949. Over the years, the store has become an integral part of the neighborhood, providing locals with everything from tools and hardware to gardening supplies and home goods. Recently, Viewrave and the La Jolla Insiders teamed up to create a small documentary video about the store, highlighting its history and the people behind the business. The video, which is just under six minutes long, starts with a brief overview of the store’s history, including how it got its name and how it has evolved over the years. The focus then shifts to the current owner, Bob Meanley, and his family, who have been running the store for generations. Through interviews with Bob and his family, as well as longtime customers and employees, the video paints a picture of a store that is more than just a business – it’s a community. One of the most striking things about the video is how it captures the sense of connection between the store and the people who rely on it. From the regular customers who stop by to catch up with the staff to the employees who have been working there for decades, the store is clearly a place that people feel invested in. As Bob always says, “We’re not just selling hardware, we’re selling relationships.” Overall, the video is a heartwarming tribute to a beloved local institution. By shining a light on the people and history behind Meanley and Son, it reminds viewers of the importance of small businesses in our communities, and the role they play in bringing people together. If you’re looking for a feel-good story about a family-owned business that’s been thriving for over 70 years, this video is definitely worth a watch.

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