“La Jolla is the Green Dragon and the Green Dragon is La Jolla.” The San Francisco Chronicle, 1901″

La Jolla Insiders subscribe to the responsibility mantra of “leaving a place, or thing, better than you found it.” Whether or not Anna Held Heinrich was motivated by that sentiment isn’t important; perhaps it was only good fortune that her actions positively and directly impacted La Jolla’s cultural history when she hired a young man who would become one of California’s greatest architects – Irving Gill – who would later design the La Jolla Recreation Center, early Bishop’s School buildings, the Women’s Club and the home of Ellen Browning Scripps, years later becoming the now completely remodeled Museum of Contemporary Art, a La Jolla icon. Arriving in La Jolla in 1893 as the governess for the children of the U.S. Grant, Jr. family, Anna saved her salary and wisely invested $165 in a land purchase and then built twelve small hillside cottages near the La Jolla Cove naming them the Green Dragon Colony. Eleven of the cottages were demolished by 1990 with the remnants of one remains tucked inside the structure at 1270 Prospect St.

The cultural denizen then brought some of the greatest musicians, theatrical performers and artists of the 19th and early 20th century to, at the time, a small village outpost. Which brings us to today and Anna Held’s legacy: that of La Jolla becoming an internationally recognized art exhibiting hub, hosting world-class talent in over 25 established galleries and other participating spaces.

When you visit La Jolla we suggest you add a First Friday of any month to your itinerary and join hundreds of other art enthusiasts for a unique 4-7 pm Art Walk promoted by the La Jolla Village Merchant ‘s Association. Be ready for an extraordinary eye-filling happy hours adventure as you visit any of the hosting galleries listed below, with most of the locations providing snacks, beverages and live entertainment. The only cost is a few minutes of your time.

The Oppenheim Group

7925 Girard Ave.


Christopher Aaron Gallery

7542 Fay Ave.


The Shop La Jolla

1264 Prospect St.


Siamak Art Gallery

1250 Prospect St., #A20


Modernist Cuisine Gallery 

1241 Prospect St.


Lik Fine Art

1205 Prospect St.


Legends Gallery

1205 Prospect St.


Martin Lawrence Galleries

1152 Prospect St.


Siler Gallery La Jolla

7946 Ivanhoe Ave.


Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

7946 Ivanhoe Ave.

Klara Chavarra Art Gallery

7920 Ivanhoe Ave.


Be Boutique

7910 Ivanhoe Ave.


Krista Schumacher Art Gallery

1113 Wall St.


Life Time La Jolla

1955 Wall St.


Eppig Brewing La Jolla Bierhaus

1273 Prospect St.



L&G Projects

7940 Herschel Ave.


CC Patio

7920 Herschel Ave.


Simic Galleries

1025 Prospect St.


Cosmopolitan Fine Arts

7932 Girard St.


Manglesen – Images of Nature

7916 Girard Ave.

Charleston Shoes

7852 Girard Ave.



7841 Girard Ave.


Edna Pines Studio & Art Gallery

7752 Fay Ave.


Art In Framing

7660 Fay Ave. 


Thumbprint Gallery

920 Kline St. #104


Custom By Mamak

920 Kline St. #101


Indigenous By La Rue

7643 Girard Ave.


Rove Concepts

7611 Girard Ave.


Information Center: Pacific Sotheby’s Intl. Real Estate

1111 Prospect St.

Complimentary Parking Provided by Ace Mobility

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