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Indeed, there is something in the air. Whether you arrive by plane, boat, train or car, as soon as you draw your first breath of San Diego air you are instantly aware of a new scent: the sweet mixture of ocean and bloom that only intensifies as you get closer to San Diego’s favorite seaside bedroom community: La Jolla, with its thousands of gardens, shoreline parks and miles of sandy beaches. The staff of La Jolla Insiders always stands ready to pull back the curtain for you, to reveal the exciting features of our ever-evolving community, as only locals can. We invite you to wander our uniquely informative web site to get a handle on why La Jolla is so nationally AND internationally beloved. Enjoy the tour and enjoy your visit.


Without question, everyone registering a La Jolla Experience has a favorite takeaway, be it a fabulously comfortable hotel with (if you’re lucky) an ocean view; an amazing lunch or dinner at any of our famous upscale fine dining rooms or intimate bistros; hiking along the Coast Walk high above La Jolla Cove with its intense views; observing an immense, unconfined sea lion or harbor seal in a natural setting on a La Jolla rock or sand; then wrapping with a spectacular daylight ending sunset, and that’s just the beginning of your journey with La Jolla Insiders as your guide to everything else and so much more.

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With both global acknowledgement and national recognition as a singular seaside environment of geographic beauty, housing an economically upscale population comprised of successful business people, artists, and educators, La Jolla, California sits high on everyone’s list of “world class” communities of great interest. Now, as you turn the La Jolla Insider pages you’ll discover why.

Our La Jolla Insiders mission is to pull back the Jewel of the Pacific curtain and explore this uniquely international SoCal community together.

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